About Web Hosting

A web hosting is a service that allows businesses or individuals to put their website on the server and make it accessible via the Internet 24/7.

The biggest advantage of web hosting is that is fully automated and ready to go. And you can get your site up and running just in few clicks and you don’t even need to be a programmer or web developer. Also the hosting platform like cPanel makes things even easier. It contains a set of tools which will assist you from uploading files on the server to promoting your website. The downside we believe is - it is dedicated to smaller projects, because you have to share resources with other people like you. And if your website scales, it might outgrow shared hosting plan and you will have to migrate to Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server.

We may firmly say, that quality hosting is very important for those businesses and individuals, who want to expose their information and activities online. At the start it might look very easy and simple. The person who needs professional hosting just goes to any hosting provider he can find and purchase such a service. But, is it always the case? How will you know if the provider is really trust wordy and will offer high quality hosting services? Will you get the help you need and whenever you need it the most? Even if there is always few unknows however it is possible to remove a lot of uncertainty. This is what we want to focus on in the following sections.


We do believe, that one of the best ways to understand and predict if the company will be able to deliver high quality hosting, is to check customer Reviews about the supplier. We do favour reviews hosted on third-party sites and done by the customers who purchased in the past. In this case those comments are unbiased and reflects the most realistic situation. Of cause not 100% accurate but much closer to the real situation, than only positive Testimonials placed on the website and controlled by the company. Although Reviews is a great start to familiarize yourself with a new hosting provider, we would not suggest to make a decision based only on other people’s experiences. We also would recommend to check (if possible) what Server Stability, Customer Support quality is and what Applications company is providing with each hosting package.

Server Stability

Our reasoning and logic behind the statement, not to make a decission only based on reviews, is based on the fact, that various people might have different perception about the quality. It means that what is important to one customer, might be out of relevance to another. Therefore customer‘s expectations are different than reviews for the excat service might be also different. This is why we want to bring another dimensions which we believe is very important to all customers in hosting industry – server stability. You want your visitors to be able to access your website 24/7 hence you need stable and reliable hosting server. The crucial peace of server stability is server uptime. Nowadays it should not be less than 99.9%

Customer Support

It is noticeable that customer support and centricity are becoming more and more important. While choosing hosting provider, you want to make sure you will get all the help and support you need (and when you needed). We strongly believe that it is more important than a cheap price.


Last but not least thing to look at while choosing a web hosting provider is the set of applications they are offering with their web, email and server packages. For example with all out web hosting servers we offer with no extra cost Installatron - a one-click web application installer which allows you to install the most popular, worlds top blogs, photo galleries, forums, shops and other without any effort or programming experience! So right applications, which meets your needs might result into big savings (time and money).